Blockbuster is a Terrible Business

Over a year ago I ordered a copy of The Little Mermaid through our online Blockbuster account. I know it's a difficult movie to find (Very High Demand, says the queue online...yeah, right), but it's been a whole year.

I can't stand how this company does business. Jacksonville has more than 1.4 million people in the metro area and there are two stores in our area. The closest store to us is out at the beach, maybe eight miles away. I like to pop in browse the shelves from time to time, but this place is a joke. 

They have six copies of Lincoln, and a whole wall of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer

They always send scratched discs in the mail that barely play, if they send anything at all.

They've recently decided to purchase and distribute fewer new releases. Seriously, they have a "High Demand" label on Argo. Freaking Argo!

They never stop trying to sell me candy. They know me there. I've never bought a piece of candy at freaking Blockbuster. There's a freaking grocery store next door, and they try to sell me Whoppers in a half-gallon carton. They have 12" X 12" Rice Krispies squares. I might by a candy bar every so often if they sold them, but instead they sell diabetes in a tube. Seriously, this is candy? No wonder we're struggling with our collective weight in this country...

They have no copies of the Disney classics, but they have a wall of those stupid Barbie movies.

They internally censor. I can't even find a number of horror titles in their online database. I've been waiting for Suspiria for over a year as well.

They always have one person working there. A line forms, and the damned clerk still runs through a long spiel with every customer about buying their stupid candy and used crap and signing up for Dish network and getting unlimited game rentals. Today, I sat in line--this is no joke--for fifteen minutes before I lost patience and put the video down and went to the beach for a jog.

Blockbuster is a joke. I'm looking elsewhere...suggestions very welcome. 

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