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So Very Much to be Thankful For...

It has been a tumultuous and amazing year around these parts. In the last few months, we've been tested as a family in ways that are hard to explain in words. We've been pushed to the very edge of doubt and despair, and we've persevered to the point where we feel comfortable and eternally grateful. This is a big part of that feeling:

Our son is such an amazing blessing. In 2016, we've overcome many obstacles. We just had our first brand-new roof as a result of hurricane damage. We've had our home repaired numerous times, and we've had to deal with some very real health problems for the ones that we love so far this year.

But the joy and the glee in that picture above is so real. This is our family, and Lyla is such a great big sister. I can only say that I am thankful.

I spent 2016 writing a non-fiction study. 2017 will be more fiction. I promise...