These Strange Worlds: Fourteen Dark Tales

Supernatural narratives represent an important component of our storytelling heritage.

These stories—including fairy tales, urban legends, penny dreadfuls and modern pulps, among many others—leave a resonant echo throughout popular culture. In These Strange Worlds, Daniel Powell’s first collection of dark short fiction, these influences collide in fourteen startling and entertaining stories.

The lone survivor of a worldwide flu epidemic grows strangely attached to her parasitic partner…

A malevolent London rental has a voracious appetite for rock stars, and it’s building one hell of a band…

A wealthy oil trader is offered a glimpse into another dimension, but is the cost more than he can possibly bear?

From Satanic salesmen to zombie Ponzi schemes; from murdering murals to alien invasions, and other curious encounters along the way, These Strange Worlds takes readers on fourteen excursions into the realm of the uncanny. A mixture of new and previously published short stories, Powell’s first collection embodies the spectrum of imaginative possibility that is the hallmark of compelling speculative fiction.

Available for purchase in the following formats:

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