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Friday Roundup...

I shot a 43 on the back nine at Mill Cove yesterday before a serious maelstrom rolled onto the course and I had to retreat inside. I had a couple of pops at the nineteenth hole and emerged none the better, shooting a danged 51(!) to complete the round. Suck...ass...

Still, only one three-putt on the whole day. I'll take that any time.

I became bombastic at the bar last week and I now find myself embroiled in a barbecue cook-off with a pair of restaurant chefs. I think those boys are in for it. I'm going to pick up my specially trimmed spareribs in about an hour, and then begins the process. 6:00 p.m. tomorrow evening, it's on! Pop by Mudville if you want to try a bone. I'm bringing loads for everyone...

Lyla has been enjoying the summer, and reveling in her mom's relaxed hours with work. Jeanne is just putting in about five per day, registering students for next year. She'll work next week, then have six weeks off, during which my girls will basically live at the beach! It's going to be a sandy house this summer.

I've been enjoying Master Chef on FOX. I'm pretty impressed by these amateur chefs and their abilities. The other day they had to prepare French cuisine. It occurred to me that I have no clue, whatsoever, what that entails. So I'm using my birthday gift certificate (thanks, Kathy and Dennis!) to purchase a French cookbook.

J.K. Rowling is self publishing her back list. Good for her. It's a wise choice.

Had some alligator tail with citrus dressing last night. Dang, we like that tasty reptile around here!

The hope today is to go see Super 8 with Jeanne and then bring Lyla to the zoo tomorrow. These wildfires have been crazy, though, so I'm not sure if the air quality will be conducive to seeing the "draffs." Still, we'll give it a shot!

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