Death Sentence

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Death Sentence comes out this week, and the promotional synopsis looks interesting. And (and this is a big one-cue the drum roll) it stars Kevin Bacon. Yes, that Kevin Bacon. It's been awhile since we saw him in the movies, but you have to admit, his filmography is filled with some classics. Without checking his bio on IMDB, I'll just say I really enjoyed:

Footloose (who doesn't?)
Apollo 13
The Woodsman
The River Wild
Stir of Echoes

I love Stir of Echoes. I love the hypnosis scenes, I love the block parties, I love Bacon's tortured obsession and his insatiable thirst for OJ.

It's an underrated film, based on Richard Matheson's under appreciated novel (can't wait for the screen version of I Am Legend!). I try to catch it every year around Halloween.

I think Bacon has shown tremendous range and depth in his various turns. Boyish in one role, tired and aged in the next. Gregarious and confident, then sullen and haunted. He's one of a group of aging Hollywood vets whose stuff I'll pretty much always turn out for (Kurt Russell, Kevin Costner, Bruce Willis).

So let me ask you. Which are the best Kevin Bacon films?

Pop by tomorrow when we talk books.

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