The Brave One

Let me begin by expressing my dismay at this news. I'm very impressed with Greg Oden. I believe in his work ethic, and I think he'll come back from this surgery just fine. Javon Walker and Z-Bo and Amare Stoudemire have all made nice comebacks from micro-fracture surgery (I think McGahee and Gore also). So let's shoot good thoughts to a good guy and put some support behind the phenomenal LaMarcus Aldridge to hold it down on our trip to the playoffs next year.

Jodie Foster is pretty good. Or, she was pretty good a lot of years ago.

It started with Taxi Driver and then in 1988 she delivered a bravura performance in The Accused. She's best known as Clarice in The Silence of the Lambs and she did a great job in the underrated Contact.

The critics loved Little Man Tate and Nell. I thought they were decent (her turn in Nell was remarkable in terms of a physical performance).

She's the alpha lead in this weekend's offerings in the film The Brave One. Seems like revenge is hot as the summer turns the corner into the fall. Maybe that's why the University of Washington has won two games this year. After Kevin Bacon received mixed reviews for Death Sentence, this one should tread on some of the same territory. She plays a traumatized victim, intent on settling the score against a bunch of scumbags that killed her fiance and wounded her.

I thought the trailers looked decent and I like Foster's intensity. I see four, maybe five films a month. I think I'll wait for this one on DVD. I'm taking the missus out for a helpin' of western tomorrow, partner. It's 3:10 to Yuma for us.

Anyone that gets a look at the film, please post your review in the comments section.

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