Can Oregon Win the National Championship?

You know what? The Oregon Ducks still can win the National Championship.

With the LSU Tigers losing today to the Kentucky Wildcats, the Ducks still have a chance. The winner of the PAC-10 will get the berth in the national championship game. And though the SEC is tough, they can only put one through to the final game.

If the Ducks keep handling their business (they won today over WSU 53-07), then they can put their name right there. We still have USC, UW and ASU on our schedule. But we have a very good team. I think when push comes to shove, it will be the winner of the PAC-10 and the winner of the SEC.

We lost a pair of great players today (with Colvin out for the year), but we have a ton of depth.

I'm watching the Beavers play the Bears. Let's all root for the Beavers to play some great football...

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