Aw, no! Ahhhwwww, no!

Dennis is hurt and I can't communicate how sad I feel right now. He's a great young man and a stellar athlete, and a lot of our future rests on him. His dad is coming down to the field to sit with him, and I think it's a terrible sign.

Dennis has persevered through huge adversity in his time at the U of O. He's done an amazing job of keeping his head in the proper place to ensure a long and productive career with Oregon. I think he's been one of the best we've had (Maas, Musgrave, Fife, Clemens, Harrington, Smith) and that is saying an awful lot, since we've had so many great quarterbacks in our system.

Dan Fouts, by the way, is maybe the most underrated QB of all time, and at all levels of football. For Fouts not to be up there with the best is a travesty.

So now what? Our defense is stout. Our back-up is accomplished. Brady Leaf, you need to seize this opportunity, young man. We can do our thing, and we can move forward.


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