Online vs. Print Magazines...

I read about a dozen or so short stories each month. In terms of stories in traditional print markets, I usually read the current fiction in the New Yorker. We subscribe to Cemetery Dance in the library, and when they release a new edition of that sucker I read it cover to back. I try to pick up Asimov's Science Fiction over at Books-A-Million, and I'm prone to lingering over Ellery Queen while browsing.

But I've found that I'm reading more and more works of short fiction online. I think the quality of the content found on the net has only improved over the years, and with all of the solid paying markets out there (I've been linking to them on Tuesdays, and will continue to do so) now, well...there's less reason to get out there to the bookstores.

Don't get me wrong, I love to hold the hard copy in my hand. I received my copy of Samsara in the mail over the weekend and it was a thrill to see my work in there. But I think at one time there was a stigma attached to the zines. I think authors avoided them because they often didn't pay well and the design was less than professional.

No longer, though. There are some beautiful sites out there.

So I'm curious. Do you have a set of zines you read regularly? Are you willing to purchase a subscription for online content? Do you print the PDF versions and read them in hard copy?

Fire away, if you have an opinion, and let me know about your favorite markets so we can link to them on speculative Tuesdays...

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