Parade of Phantoms and the Horror Mall

300 pages. That's how much academic non-fiction I've been wading through this week, with roughly forty-five students submitting papers of six to ten pages in length. Needless to say, I look forward to the conclusion of the week, and then it's off to Oregon and Washington for the holidays.

Parade of Phantoms is an interesting market offering up a pair of short stories every Monday. They are looking for suspense and mystery with a haunting element to the narrative.

Also, get a look over at The Horror Mall. I'm pretty excited about that anthology listed in the left-hand margin (Fried! Fast Food Slow Deaths). I've always enjoyed horror fiction set in the restaurant industry, so this might be pretty solid.

Any news from any of you on the submissions front? Please use the comments section below to plug your stories that find homes...

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