Jim Baen's Universe and a Couple of Questions

No doubt most of you writing sci-fi are well versed on this wonderful market, but I thought I'd link to Baen's Universe this week for the uninitiated. This is really a fine online market, with stellar fiction, non-fiction, artwork and lots of useful links. I noticed in the notes sections on the authors in Wastelands that Baen's published quite many of them before the anthology was put together.

Question One: If you're using google AdSense, please put your two cents in on whether you like it or not in the comments section below. Lots of writing blogs use the service to make extra money, but there are lots of complaints out there also. A couple of the bloggers I correspond with swear by it, but I'm a bit leery.

Question Two: The past couple of years, Stephen King has worked with his readers on a collaborative effort to create a story. Google Docs has the capability of allowing multiple writers to edit and draft a piece--they need only log in with their google i.d. I thought the idea sounded fun, but I'm interested to see what others think. Is a group story something anyone would want to work on?

Here's a video to help you formulate your responses (inspired by all of the apocalypse stories I've been reading lately--not to mention the fact that I watched The Kingdom last night)...

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