So Happy Super Bowl Sunday to you, wherever you'll be enjoying the ballgame. It's warm and sunny here in Florida. In fact, Jeanne and I visited the beach yesterday and caught a glimpse of a couple of signature mammals for this part of the country: dolphins and whales.

We visited Neptune Beach, where a pair of (possibly injured) White Whales were surfacing about eighty yards offshore. They were complemented by a full pod of playful dolphins, which could be seen leaping high out of the water. It was a neat sight.

My pick? I like the Giants in an upset, 38-35. That's right, I see a lot of fireworks in this one. I like the Giants D-line to make things sufficiently uncomfortable for Brady back there, but I imagine the running game and the dink-and-dunk game that killed the Jags will be there for them. Eli will play will, Plaxico will win the MVP and little-known Ahmad Bradshaw will make some important second-half runs to lead the G-men to the promised land.

The menu:

Cactus-lime beers and various daiquiries--check

Velveeta/chili dip and tortilla chips--check

Hot wings--check


Florida gator tail--working on it!

Enjoy the game!

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