Suggestions for a Good Read?

I've been in a rut. I've been reading a ton of stuff from Cemetery Dance Publications, most of it very good. And I've been reading a lot of short fiction. Subsequently, I've been writing a ton of short stories as well (six finished in the new year and two first drafts this past week)...

Next week it's the novel and nothing else for me.

But in the last ten days, I've been reading a lot of what Thomas Monteleone would characterize as work from the Steaming Pile of Organs School of Literature. Like any guilty pleasure, the law of diminishing returns applies to stories in this vein, and I'm plumb spent.

To that end, I'd like something fun in the field of mainstream literature next. I like fast pacing and humor is a nice bonus, though far from essential. I want a GREAT climax/conclusion. I'd like something outside of the speculative realm.

Any suggestions?

I know it's not "fun" but I've been meaning to read Jodi Piccoult's 19 Minutes. I still need to get to Atomic Lobster, but I'm not in the mood for Serge Storms right now.

Help! Suggestions welcome!

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