Holy Baloney!

And lo, I shall appear to you in the form of processed white fish,

Any you will bring unto me gifts of tartar and lemon,

--The Lord

I don't know why any of us work anymore when you hear stories like this one. Why don't we all just look for religious icons in our food and sell them on e-bay? I mean, one woman actually sold her grilled cheese for a good chunk of change. $28,000 for a sandwich?

I love this lady's (we'll just follow the headline and call her "Local Woman"--she needs no further publicity for this foolishness) Q & A on the website. Did you folks know that even if you aren't Catholic you can bid on them? And they will bring you luck (isn't that a bit blasphemous, like idolatry, maybe?)!

Just in time for the holy days!

Combine this with my post below and you have to wonder about the character of some of these hucksters! I mean, they're fish sticks! They may suck, but they're designed for eating! Shove 'em in your fish hole and stay off of CNN, Local Woman.

Just in time for the holy days...c'mon lady. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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