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Friday's Question

If you could travel back in time to...say, your twelfth birthday, (but without the accumulated knowledge of your experience and maturation) would you?


Lyn said...

Sure. I had a great jr/sr hi experience. College was a blast as well. Might want to start diverging from my current space/time continuum a few years after graduation though. But can't complain with the current incarnation. :-)

Daniel W. Powell said...

That's interesting. I'm at a place in my career and with family planning that feels very comfortable, gratifying and autonomous. But I sometimes wonder how my future would be different in about three dozen scenarios. Maybe I'd be a roughneck on an oil derrick. Maybe I'd be an engineer and synthesize algea into oil. Maybe I'd join the circus. Maybe I'd be a cereal killer (Fruity Pebbles, mostly--I had those for breakfast today!).

But I think it'd take a heck of a leap of faith. Jeanne and I wondered if we'd find each other again in all of those alternate futures.

And also, what about trial and error? I've done some very dangerous, stupid things in my life. I jumped into shallow water without checking the depth back when I was about ten. I wasn't hurt, but I could have been. I could have been paralyzed, or worse. But I learned from that experience and never repeated that mistake. All of us kind of blunder through life, but many of us make it fairly *intact* to adulthood. Would you be willing to give up that, for lack of a better term--Darwinian fortune, for the potential alternative?

I love my current situation also, Lyn, but it's tempting to think about seeing life again from the perspective of a child. Shoot. I guess I'm no closer to a definitive answer...