Gotta Fly...For Now

Hey guys. I've been at this pretty regularly for the last year. And I've enjoyed running this site. I'm thankful for those of you who have stopped by for a read, and I'm looking forward to getting back here, when the summer is over.
I say this because I'm going to take some time to really drill down on my next large piece of fiction. I've got the outline sketched out for this one, and I'm cranking through the research. I know how I want it to unfold, but now I have to throw myself into it. And the practice of blogging (and, to a much larger extent, reading blogs) can become a bit of an impediment. So for this summer, it's me and the story and a daily word count. Grow, sucka, grow!
But...I will be back in September. I'll hopefully have a finished first manuscript in the cage and some good news about the stuff I've been working on and submitting over the summer.
I might pop in sometime in July to update my progress and keep in touch but, in the meantime, thanks for reading and enjoy the video below!

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