Day Baseball in America

I love day baseball.

Decades ago, men played professional baseball playoff games in the afternoon. The stadiums they played in were still largely outside the realm of corporate influence (I know, irony of ironies that the photo above is of Wrigley Field). People listened to the games on the radio.

But the nice thing about it was that kids could run home and watch the games before they had to go to sleep.

I was happy to see portions of a ballgame this afternoon. It was like seeing an old friend for an hour or so.

Sure, it wasn't on network tv; it was waaaayyyyy out there in the Yukon of satellite television (DirecTv 247, and yes, I hate that cutesy corporate spelling). Sorry if you can't afford cable or satellite. And it was so filled with commercials and sponsorships that I could never completely tune out the clutter. That stuff gets to me sometimes.

But it was still nice to think that kids might be able to look at a game. It was nice to watch all of those happy people on a three-hour vacation in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon, watching a Milwaukee Brewers game, for the love of Odin, and letting all of the weight of America's present crises go for a day.

I'm excited to see Tampa's game tomorrow against the Sox. Go Rays. And I'll have to content myself with some good action until the games go to 9:30 EST starts on FOX in a few weeks and they turn the announcing duties over to the dreadful Tim McCarver.

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