Grandson Sues to Reclaim Geronimo's Remains

In what can only be fairly characterized as a bizarre news story, Harlyn Geronimo is suing President Obama, the army, Yale and Skull and Bones to investigate whether Yale's secretive order has pilfered his grandfather's remains. Geronimo, one of the last leaders in America's Indian Wars, died at the age of 79 in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Although it's believed that his remains were housed beneath a monument at the Oklahoma fort, Harlyn Geronimo contends that his grandfather's skull was stolen and is commonly used in strange rituals at Yale.

Weird, huh?

Makes me wonder who else they might have in their "clubhouse" out there in Connecticut. What if the zombie revolution starts there and Geronimo, Elvis, Ambrose Bierce and JFK take to the streets at the helm of an indestructible zombie army?

I'm telling you, there's a story there...

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