The First Day of Spring

Life is extraordinary.

Last Friday morning, Jeanne shook me awake from a deep sleep. "I think it's time," she said, and we sprang into action and began to execute Project Offspring.

Nineteen minutes later we checked into Memorial Hospital. We verified that, in fact, Jeanne was in labor and we settled in to wait for our little one to join us.

We went through the morning, monitoring contractions, and then things picked up the pace in the afternoon. Shortly after one we had our mid-wife in the room and we were gearing up for the Great Struggle.

Let me say this: My wife is amazing. Her strength and spirit are powers to behold.

At 1:53 in the afternoon, on the first day of spring, Lyla May Powell came into the world. She's a beautiful little girl--even tempered and very sweet. It's been a supreme joy just getting to know her, and we're so excited about where her future might take her.

She weighed seven pounds and six ounces at birth, and she's nineteen inches long. She scored a 9/10 on the APGAR scale, which is great in terms of her overall health.

We feel very blessed to have such a beautiful and healthy little girl with us. I thank all of you have offered advice and wished us well, and we look forward to introducing you to Lyla very soon.

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