A Formula for Rest

Ourl ittle girl is a week old today. While Jeanne and I are rookies at this, we seem to have stumbled upon a solid formula for getting Lyla to rest at night.

Babies love routine, and we've tried to create one that works. During the day, we try to keep her stimulated with songs, stories and play, hoping to keep her awake as much as she's comfortable. As the day nears its conclusion, Jeanne makes sure Lyla has a nice big meal. We then:

  • wash our little one's face. In the future, this will be a full-fledged bath;
  • read her a story. Last night was the excellent Guess How Much I Love You;
  • give her a hands-free swaddle (bundling her arms has been problematic--she likes to feel herself);
  • pop a cap on her head and a pacifier in her mouth (soothies, for those keeping score);
  • turn on Pandora (classical music, Enya, Jim Brickman, etc.) and let it play.

That's worked well. Lyla's had plenty of rest over the last two nights and that's good for all of us.


Jennie said...

Good for you! You guys sound like great parents. One of Sammy's (my son) favorite books are The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. Actually, he loves all of Eric Carle's books but that one is his favorite. He also likes Snug house bug house by Susan Schade and Jon Buller. I bet you can't wait to find out what Lyla's favorite books will be. When Sammy's a little older I'm going to start reading small children's novels to him a little at a time at night. I can't wait until that day comes. Then I can introduce some of my favorites to him. BTW, Sammy's favorite binky was also a soothie. I never knew one day I would be talking about binkies and children’s books, lol.

Daniel W. Powell said...

Morning Jennie,

Thanks for the recommended titles. We'll be adding to the bookshelf steadily in the coming weeks and we'll look for those books.

And yeah, it's funny how celebrating poops and comparing pacifiers becomes a regular part of the daily conversation. Weird, but good.

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