The Barricade Wars: An Ongoing Saga

After a week's migration north, our outfit has arrived at the black roads of Mt. Pleasant; alas, our services are not required here. We left sixty traffic cones to cover our backtrail on St. Johns Bluff, and we'll now move east, heading for progress near the Wonderwood Expressway.

My colleague Road Closed, a flashing sawbuck with ice water in his screws, is massing his forces near Kernan Boulevard as I write this. Dispatches arrived in our camp yesterday; they delivered the picture to the left of your screen.

When his army is complete, there will be a shimmering ocean of orange--a force of Bob's Barricades so immense the very thought of it reminds me of that scene in The Lord of the Rings when all those orcs were lined up against the hobbits and their buddies.

Ah, the specific scene now escapes me. I recently loaned my three-disc set to my cousin (another blinking barricade, on my father's side). He shipped out to direct traffic at a new shopping center on the westside last week, so I'll have to wait a while before I can identify the scene.

But I'm sure you saw those movies--who didn't, right? You know the one I mean.

At any rate, we endeavor east. There has been evidence that ACME has scouted construction projects in Mayport Village, and time is of the essence...

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