Options for the Industrious

I've got links, my friends. The changing face of publishing is taking all sorts of form. From podcasting to print-on-demand publishing and the long arm of the internet itself, there are many options for the contemporary writer.

I submit for your approval:

Insidious Publications. I'm intrigued by the look of a lot of these chapbooks. The website looks good, and I think the potential is there for some very cool projects.

Drollerie Press. They have an extensive catalog of good-looking books, they publish speculative fiction and they seem to have a very solid web presence.

Mundania Press. This publisher accepts a wide variety of lengths and publishes speculative fiction.

Ghostwriter Publications. Seems like a hard-charging press out of the U.K. They're publishing Move Under Ground by Nick Mamatas (read that journal if you don't already--good stuff).

I also noticed Cemetery Dance is moving product onto Kindle and offering PDF files for $1.99.

The opportunities are out there, particularly for a writer with some internet cred. and an ability to get the word out...

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