Swinging for the Fences

I finished the last set of revisions on a story whose central thread occurred to me in a moment of sleep-deprived anxiety in the hospital while I waited for our daughter to be born. It's the longest short work I've ever written, and it poured out of me pretty easily over the last three weeks. Any trepidation I might have had about whether I'd find the time to get the words in with Lyla at home has been allayed, somewhat, by the creation of this story.

In writing it, I tabled the novel I'm working on. That felt a little odd--I was really humming along on that project--but I'll get reacquainted with it tonight and hit the word processor again tomorrow.

I have a novel currently being looked at by my agent, and I've been furiously revising a story for an anthology I'd be very happy to be a part of. I've written five short stories in the new year, and many of the tales out on submission have been well regarded.

All of this is positive news, and it gives me the confidence to try this longer work with Asimov's Science Fiction. Asimov's is, of course, one of the giants of the genre field, and if you look at the writers featured on the cover of the magazine there, you can see why any writer would be thrilled to find a home in its pages.

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