Zombie Madoff?

Wooh. Feels like a long time, dear blog o'mine. Sorry about the cobwebs around here, but life's been stuck in overdrive this month. Outside of the nuances of adjusting to life with a little one at home, we've had a steady stream of out-of-town company. I've been on a pair of committees at the college that have taken many hours out of the work week, and one of the terms ended at the college, which always comes with attendant grading and fresh preparation.


At any rate, I hope to get back into shape around these parts in the weeks to come. So how do we define horror? Is it the gunman who indiscriminately chooses to apply his psychosis to the fortunes of innocents? Is it the suburban vampire? The local voodoo priestess?

Is it watching your life savings dwindle in the face of wicked and deliberate fraud?

Is it the living dead, pitched up from their resting spots to slurp the brains of the living?

Perhaps it's a mixture of a couple of these elements. I'd like to thank editor N.E. Lilly for putting up my short story, "The Scheme," in which I combined a few of these elements.


Karen from Mentor said...

Hi Daniel,
I will start this with the comment that I was EATING when I read your story...lol....there should have been a disclaimer...but now I know.
Reading Daniel? No eating. got it.
Nice job sir.
Karen :0)

Daniel W. Powell said...

Morning, Karen,

Thanks for the kind words. I got a kick out of writing a short zombie ponzi scheme sketch.

I hope the writing is coming along well! I've been enjoying your blog.

Karen from Mentor said...

The writing is going well...thank you for asking because now I can tell you that I put 1,600 GREAT words in my wip yesterday and I got to have an explosion and put a bomb squad dog in some body armor....
(he's fine lest you worry)

And I came up with a new blog feature... both before lunch.

Then I went to the park and communed with (without stepping in any) nature...it was a good day.

Have you read all of the "things I've seen thursdays" now? I finally figured out how to list the labeled items in my side bar. The things I've seen thursdays are the funniest.. [well, those and my random thoughts]
I was really sad that you didn't comment on my piece about John Cusack..(it's called "what were they thinking")there's even an aside to you IN THE POSTING...or maybe it's in the comment thread...I forget lol...but I get it...you have a life..you have houseguests....you have to read stuff for school..can't always be coming in to my blog to comment....yadda yadda yadda... [grins at you]
happy tuesday...
Karen :0)

Daniel W. Powell said...

Morning, Karen,

Wow--it's been awhile since I hit the 1600-word mark. Kudos to you.

I will get over to the blog more often now that I have some time, and will check in on everyone's favorite rejected everyman, John C...

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