The Graduate Student

I'd like to thank Kevin Colligan, editor at Well Told Tales, for producing my story "The Graduate Student." Thanks also to Bryan Robinson for his fine performance of the tale.


Karen from Mentor said...

Good morning Daniel,
I just finished listening to the podcast.

I commented at Kevin's site, but I'll revisit a part I especially enjoyed.

The line "to call them volumptuous was like saying marilyn monroe had CHARISMA." killed me.

Anything else I want to say would be a spoiler for anyone who hasn't read it.

I'm still queasy.
I think that in and of itself may be the mark of a good zombie tale.

Karen :0)

Daniel W. Powell said...

Afternoon, Karen,

Thanks so much for the note, and for listening to the story. That old saw about graduate students doing all the work isn't too far off at some schools.

Shoot--if I had a zombie paper grader I'd have way more time to write.

Hope things are well.


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