Weekend Update

We're heading up to St. Simons Island, Georgia, this weekend to run a 5K and it looks like we're driving straight into the teeth of a winter storm warning. It's cold (43) and wet here in Florida today, and will be even cooler up north. Ah, well--it should be a fun race.

In terms of some interesting interviews, look at these conversations with
John Benson, Ellen Datlow and Joe Hill. This trio of interviews delves into the current state of speculative fiction while also discussing some elements of the past. I think Hill's discussion on the difference between magical realism and fantasy is really telling in terms of how writers need to market their work.

I always try the "literary" markets with my stuff, because while the plot might contain speculative elements, we're all still just addressing the human condition. That's what writers do, across genres, and that's why it always feels so limiting to get into the discussion of literarture versus speculative fiction.

Now to contradict myself a bit, I will agree with Datlow that it's sad that many modern bookstores don't have a horror section. Our local bookmine (
Chamblin's downtown) does have a horror section, and it's really well stocked. I can usually kill a few hours in there no sweat just looking at the relics and artifacts.

I finished draft zero on a short story I've been working on for The Way of the Wizard anthology. I'll get down to polishing next week...

Enjoy the long weekend! I'll leave you with this letter written by (perhaps)
Abe Lincoln.

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