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After two days of going around in circles with the seriously inept people at Rountree Sod, our grass was finally delivered. We installed it last night and, despite the poor customer service, the product is beautiful.

One thing we need to do is roll the grass. The only problem is, we don't have anything remotely circular to do the trick. Jeanne's idea?

"I thought we'd roll you around the yard."

There you have it: 190 pounds of man, shrouded in an old blanket and pushed around the yard like a bored kid on a steep hill at an outdoor concert. That, or we can go with the patented Nebraska Sodbusting Baker, which is where I give Jeanne the rolling pin I use to flatten out my pizza-pie crusts and then grab her ankles and push her around the yard like we're last place in a wheelbarrow race.

Thank goodness for back yard fences...

The Jaguars drafted a decent player yesterday, but they waaaayyyyy over-reached on Tyson Alualu. He's good; I've seen him torment the Oregon Ducks for three years. But still...at #10? I'm disappointed we didn't draft Jason Pierre-Paul. And good luck to Tim Tebow with my beloved Denver Broncos. I imagine his drafting will be the thing that gets that jackass Josh McDaniels fired, which should have happened a year ago. Josh McDaniels is a jackass.

My beloved Baltimore Orioles are simply wretched. They are so bad, and I actually had hope. Hope springs eternal, unless you root for Baltimore, I guess.

I've had two items of good news on short story placements in the last week. In fact, I've signed two contracts. More information forthcoming when the time is right...

Enjoy the weekend, everyone. Eat some good food, have some good laughs, tell some good stories, enjoy some good rest!

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