A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Some of my fondest memories of television and my childhood revolve around tales of the uncanny. I remember watching Monsters on WGN on Sunday nights back when I was in middle school. My little sister and I never missed an episode.

I remember watching The Twilight Zone with my folks back when I was in grade school, and Tales from the Darkside when I was in high school. When I was a kid, pro wrestling and Nintendo games (and maybe a hot cheese pizza from Klondike's) ruled most Friday nights. But one night, when wrestling was finished, my buddies and I stumbled across a show called Circle of Fear on TBS. We laughed at the cheesy introduction, but then the story got rolling and we weren't laughing anymore.

That show scared us witless.

The '80s were golden years for speculative storytelling on television. George Romero and Richard Rubinstein were producing. Richard Matheson was writing teleplays--really good ones--like crazy. The production quality was strong, and the shows were played by name actors.

And now, through the beauty of YouTube, I can link to a couple of my favorites here on the blog.

I just finished up watching "Anniversary Dinner." Whooo, that one stayed with me for all these years. It single-handedly spared me the indignity of being cooked in a stew on a few occasions...

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