Will Mark Souder Make the History Books?

Oh, Texas...oh, how you delightful weirdos amaze and astound the rest of us living in the United State of America.

As if having a succession clause in the state constitution wasn't enough in the way of stones, the board of education is seriously mulling the idea of adding a dash of patriotism to their K-12 textbooks.

Our current history texts are laden with politics. I'm certainly not disputing that. But the scope of the proposed partisan revisions in the article above are simply too extreme to stomach. The revisions include "adding language saying the country's Founding Fathers were guided by Christian principles and including positive references to the Moral Majority, the NRA and the GOP's Contract With America."

Really? In a textbook? You're going to include the likes of these scoundrels and miscreants in the Texas history books? Honestly, these "scholars" (I'm assuming that's part of the job description for an individual who sits on a state-wide education committee) have the benefit of seeing the horrific moral and legislative track record of this batch of burnouts. Why would you include these paramours in your texts?

It boggles the mind, but leave it to cosmic irony to make sense of the whole thing. Souder and the married woman he cheated with made a video promoting abstinence.

And this follows an NBC news report that 75% of Americans distrust the government. I don't blame them.

Politicians: we put our trust in you. But what is it all for?

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