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Raising Tom Chambers

In the first weeks of 2009, my wife and I lived in a state of eager anticipation. Jeanne was close to having our daughter, and she was excited about Lyla coming to join us. But she also enjoyed that special time of being a mother. It was uncomfortable and bizarre and lovely--that period of growth and gestation--all at the same time.
I had an idea for a story right around then, and a couple of different elements coalesced in a weird narrative: Martian parasites, the incomparable Tom Chambers (above) and (perhaps) the last woman on Earth.
I'd like to thank Michael Ray and Paul Clemmons for publishing my story "Raising Tom Chambers" in Redstone Science Fiction.
Stop by to read the magazine and thanks, as always, for taking a look at my work...


Robby Sparks said...

Enjoyed the story, Daniel. Well done.

Daniel W. Powell said...

Thanks, Robby. I appreciate the kind words.