Time Passes...

Life is about choices, right?

It's about whom you spend time with, where you live, what you do to earn your keep, how you look out for the people that depend on you, when you decide to grow the hell up, how you choose to dance to a Marvin Gaye song, when you decide to jettison the baggage, how you choose to mediate the small stuff, where you look for guidance, how you understand your own faith.

Right? Maybe?

I'm at a bit of a crossroads. Straight ahead is best in the long run.

Right is comfortable, but status quo. Left is comfortable, but status quo.

I can stand pat; it's status quo.

So my choice is to move forward for the future or stand pat.

Is there really any question?


Democrack said...

Can't think about the choice, you just gotta make it and live with it Professor. Trail and error, regret and contentment, all of what makes life interesting.

Daniel W. Powell said...

Hey Demo,

I can't disagree with you. Stasis can be fatal. Thanks for stopping by...

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