Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a very good series.

Critics have lavished praise on this series, and rightfully so. From casting to pacing (it's pretty neat to watch the series wane from the pilot to the later episodes; clearly, it struck a chord), this series is wholly captivating.

Bryan Cranston is simply sublime as Walter White.

He is a very under-utilized actor. His W. White is a high school chemistry teacher with a death sentence.

He has lung cancer, a son with a disability, and another child on the way.

He has months; maybe, he has years. But he is resolute in his attempt to raise money for his family.


He'll cook meth.

The casting is spot on. Aaron Paul plays Jesse Pinkman, his high school hook-up that sells the drugs. Jesse is the connection. Unfortunately, the connection is also a loose end.

This is an artistically impressive show. The series is shot well (lots of interesting perspective shots), and it's also interesting in terms of narrative. The pilot starts off with an inferno--the worst situation ever--and then it backtracks and connects the dots.

It's a non-linear plot that is well played by the cast and superbly framed by a series of directors.

It's funny. I watch Entourage and I'm bored after two episodes. How much of that can you take?

I watch two episodes of Breaking Bad, and I can't wait to hit the well again...

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