Chris Dudley is Bad for Oregon

There are some shady characters lined up to take serious positions of power throughout the country. From Rick Scott and Marco Rubio here in Florida to Christine O'Donnell up North, we are seeing a dangerous cadre of inexperienced and misguided candidates for public office. Chris Dudley is not a shady character--in fact, I think he's a sincere and honest Oregonian. That said, his platform is wrong for the state of Oregon. His fiscal proposals stand to seriously damage low-income earners in the state, and I think he lacks the political acumen to effectively lead from the front. I'm not saying former governor John Kitzhaber is the remedy (although he did a fine job in his previous appointment, I thought), but I think Dudley needs some seasoning before he's ready to step up to the plate for Oregonians...


jessibeaucoup said...

Agreed! Dudley is a joke... but I'm a lot concerned about how Kitz is running his campaign. He's not polling as well as he should be. I, personally, have tried THREE times to get a yard sign yet me yard remains bare:(.

Daniel W. Powell said...

Hi Jess,

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you and Ty are doing well. We miss you guys.

That's alarming about Kitz's numbers, but it's not surprising. Rick Scott is a scoundrel, yet Floridians are embracing him.

Alex Sink's numbers here aren't great either, and there is absolutely no substance behind Scott's message. It's baffling. He, like Dudley, is a puppet, but folks are so disenchanted with what they perceive to be "career" politicians that they're grasping at straws. It's crazy!

Can't wait to get back and get a run in out at Tryon Creek!

jessibeaucoup said...

It IS baffling and crazy. I think that a lot of the people supporting people like Dudley and Scoot just really don't understand the consequences. Not to mention supports of Rand Paul and Christine O'Donnell. When you elect people who want to abolish Medicare and the minimum wage, you are removing and vital safety net for this country's most vulnerable.

Let's hope that the pundits are wrong again and we can keep/get some good progressive Dems in office!!

I haven't been to Tryon in a while... and it is almost getting to be too late in the year to run there. We've been doing a lot of runs with the Red Lizards and those are really fun.

I'm training for Austin with two girlfriends and we started a blog. I'm sure it's boring but we're having fun with it - austinmarathontraining@blogspot.com if you'd like to check it out:).

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