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Random Weirdness...

I had a vivid post-apocalyptic zombie dream (I know, I know...I'm violating my own code of conduct about discussing dreams) early this morning. Jeanne and Lyla and I had holed up with the rest of the survivors in an enormous two-story warehouse. The normals had the top floor, with the old offices, and we moved around on catwalks above the wall-to-wall herd of the undead beneath our feet.

It had been discovered that the only way to placate the mob was to capture mourning doves. For whatever reason, the zombies became calm only when listening to their calls. So we had all these complex cages wired up, filled with mourning doves, and the job of keeping them was some sort of tribal honor.

And then the dream became strange. We'd managed to scrounge $10,000 from the bank before everything went to hell, and regular U.S. currency was still trading in our little contained environment. Only nobody had change for our big bills. So I went to meet with the banker to try to work out a currency exchange.

It was Tiger Woods!

Apparently, he had squirreled away all this cash in briefcases. I gave him my bundle and asked for $9500 back in small bills. Instead, that sucker gave me $8000 in looted pharmaceutical supplies and costume jewelry and bandages and stuff and the rest in change.

And so we became apothecaries. We operated a little pharmacy and Lyla rode around among all the medical stuff Tiger Woods had traded us on a trike.

Then I heard my daughter on the monitor and it was time to start the day, but darn if I don't hope that little beauty picks right back up tonight!

In unrelated news, America's Team, your Jacksonville Jaguars (!!) actually have two games on Monday nights this fall. With the roster we have now, I see another 8-8 year. Maybe 9-7 if we sweep the Titans.

And finally, out here in Jacksonville, we have an annual Opening of the Beaches. It's a big community festival (the official start of the beach season), with lifeguards and music and all that stuff. Well, I have an official closing of the Round Marsh Trails that I like to run four times a week in the winter/spring. The time has come, as that is once again a very snaky trail and I was chewed to death by yellow flies. See you in November...


Aaron Polson said...


(I knew Tiger Woods was up to something. All that other scandal was just a red herring.)

Daniel W. Powell said...

Aaron, I'll just say that when Tiger flopped his briefcase open, my dream jaw dropped. But it was such a funny and scary and real dream! When I was lead to Tiger to make the exchange, and then when I got his hosebag deal, I was pissed!

But just before I woke up, I recall liking my new job. I dispensed some medicine and sold some earrings, and that made me feel kind of awesome., vivid dream.

Daniel W. Powell said...