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WANTED: Readers

My first collection of short stories, These Strange Worlds, will be available from Distillations Press in a few months. I could use some help getting the word out on this collection (fourteen tales--seven reprints and seven new works of dark fiction), and I'd appreciate it if some of the folks that read this blog or have enjoyed my stories in the past might compose an honest review of the book.

It's awkward for me to solicit help in a public forum. My approach with writing has always been to write the stories and put them out there. But, if folks are interested in reading the stories, I'd love to send a copy of the book out for review.

Please e-mail me directly at dpowell [@] with your physical address if you are interested. When I get my first batch of copies, I'll send one to the first ten folks that have responded. Anyone else that would be willing to read a proofed PDF, please shoot me a note and I'll send a copy directly.

All I'll ask in return is an honest assessment of the book on and/or any other platform you would be willing to post to.

E-book editions for all platforms will be available later this spring.

Thanks, as always, for dropping by and also for considering this offer.

The cover above is a rough early version. Might change prior to publication...


Aaron Polson said...

Very nice. The landscape is both haunting and strange--my two favorite words when describing anything to do with fiction.

craighallam said...

Sounds great. I'd be happy to review the pdf if you'd like?

It's craighallam(at)

I've just put my own short story collection, Not Before Bed, onto Smashwords. It contains a story you reviewed in Murky Depths a while back. It's free to download if you fancy swapping critiques?

Daniel W. Powell said...

Thanks, Aaron! Haunting and strange work out just fine, my friend. Good ones, those...

I'd love to swap with you Craig! Just downloaded the PDF and will print it at work tomorrow! I'll shoot you a PDF after I've checked the final proof.

craighallam said...

It's reading well so far! I'm alittle jealous of your ideas, though ;oD

Daniel W. Powell said...

Hi Craig. Glad to hear it, and thanks for the kind words! I appreciate your willingness to give it a look.