My mornings with Lyla have counted among the most rewarding moments I've had in life. We've enjoyed learning from each other over the last two years. The lessons have been many, but none has been greater for us than patience.

We had a good chance to practice that one this morning.

I try to give Lyla some ownership in her decisions by giving her choices. Today, I asked her if she wanted to wear shorts, pants or a dress. As is usual, she opted for a dress. Which color did she want? She chose purple. That's fine--we have a nice purple dress. I opened the closet and tried to get it out for her, but she saw a purple raincoat in the corner.

Dang that coat!

She had to have it, and nothing else would do. She wanted to rock a purple raincoat to school and that was it. Her face turned six shades of red and she kicked her feet and crossed her arms across her chest.

It was raincoat or bust.

I put her back in bed a few times. I tried to reason with her. I tried to give her some different options.

She's two, though. It was raincoat or bust.

Eventually I got her dressed and we made a late go of it. We had a talk about that struggle just before going into her school, and I think we have a better understanding. I hope we have a better understanding.

We're learning to be patient with each other, and that's a good thing.

But I'm getting home first this afternoon, and I can tell you one thing for sure: that raincoat is going in a cardboard box somewhere in the back of the closet until fall...


Aaron Polson said...

Children are indeed our greatest teachers. I've been thinking about patience quite a bit lately...

Daniel W. Powell said...

Evening Aaron,

And if writing fiction can't teach us enough about being patient, then kids sure as hell will :)

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