Exceptional Fiction

There have been some tremendous works of fiction published recently in great online magazines. "In Search Of," by Will Ludwigsen has been reprinted at Apex Magazine. It's a fantastic story, a collection of haunting answers that blend the big stuff with the personal stuff to arrive at the human core of a character. It's a fine achievement, and one I'm going to chat with the author about over a couple of pops next week.

Chris Miller's story "An Infallible System of Roulette," published in Redstone Science Fiction, is another skillfully rendered look at the complexities of what it means to simply "be." The writing is fluid and accessible, and I appreciate the scope of the story's subject.

Heck, I really appreciate that both of these writers tangled with the subjects of reality and truth. That they both brought some narrative clarity to such confusing topics is a testament to good storytelling.

If there was ever any stigma out there in the greater creative writing community about publishing stories on the Internet, it surely has to have been erased by now, hasn't it? There are many markets out there that pay well, that respect the material, that present stories professionally, that publish frequently, and that keep the material accessible for readers almost in perpetuity.

What's not to love about that?

Oh, and if you're interested in a great speculative read on your Kindle, take a look at this story...


Chris said...

Really appreciate your generous review of my Redstone story here, Daniel. Thanks for reading and remarking on it in your blog. Rare (for me anyway) to have a web-published story receive this kind of attention.

Daniel W. Powell said...

Hi Chris,

You're very welcome! I really enjoyed the piece, and I hope that others find their way to Redstone to get a look at it...

Have a good weekend!

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