Kind Words on These Strange Worlds

It's been a humbling month.

I'm very fortunate to have a support system of family and friends that encourage me often in my writing. Staring at the blinking cursor can sometimes be a daunting proposition, but the positive regard I've had from those who have read These Strange Worlds has been overwhelming.

I sincerely appreciate the support.

The collection has had a strong month, and reviews are starting to come in. I'm particularly thankful for the opinions of others in the speculative writing community, so I was very excited to read this review penned by writer and illustrator Lavanya Karthik.

Thanks, Lavanya, for looking at the stories. I'm glad there were a few that struck a chord with you!


Chris said...

Took a look at the review. Sounds interesting. I remembered that story, Raising Tom Chambers, from somewhere. Then found it over at Redstone. I think it fits better in the horror or spec-fic genre than hard SF.

Daniel W. Powell said...

Evening Chris,

Can't disagree with you on that point. It's why I'm thankful that there are anthologies out there like Paula Guran's Best Dark Fantasy series! There's a lot of stuff out there that is hard to classify, to be sure.

I received a Kindle for my birthday today. I'm enjoying it, and just bagged a bunch of fiction!

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