Strange Days!

I like to hit the golf course on Thursdays. When I turn fifty years old one day, I'd like to be a scratch golfer with a chance of playing on the Champions Tour.

Super pipe dream, but I shot a low score today on the back nine at Mill Cove...

Anyway, I went to my usual nineteenth hole (Mudville Grille) and I had to hit the can. I'm handling things when the fellow next to me says, "I read your book on vacation. I loved the stories. You have a lot of talent!"

He was talking about These Strange Worlds. He went on, while we were both using the urinals, to highlight his favorite stories ("Picture This," "The Graduate Student" and "Brinn's Mural").

I was flattered, for sure. And thankful. I offered to buy him a beer, but he said he'd get me one the next time he saw me.

I opened up my e-mail the other day to find some fan mail. From Maine! "Dust Country" and "The Graduate Student" scored big, and it was nice to get the feedback.

These are the reasons I hit the word processor. These are the reasons that I really enjoy the creative process.

It's just nice to tell stories that people enjoy...

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