The Forecast Calls for Pain

Tragedy changes people.

It binds families closer together; sometimes, it drives them further apart. It can be a wake-up call for positive growth, or it can push a person down dark paths of anger and depression.

For Vivian Bowles, tragedy has created a sense of focus.

Bowles has never been the same since losing her daughter in a hit-and-run accident. Her marriage died, her business crumbled, and she tumbled into a deep well of sorrow and despair.

She sustained herself by channeling her grief into a singular mission: finding and punishing the person responsible for her daughter’s death.

Her quest for answers has taken her from Florida to Colorado, where she plans to teach Sheldon and Terri James a hard lesson in personal loss.

Things are about to get very cold in Colorado…

Frozen, a 20,000-word novella that explores the depths of human suffering and the power of a mother's love, will be available for purchase in February 0f 2012.

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