"Is there any more troll stench?"

That's one of the dozens of great lines from the Norwegian thriller TrollHunter (2010). TrollHunter is a film about complex commodities trading on the securities exchange in Oslo. Nah, it's actually about hunting trolls (who could have guessed that, am I right?).

It's a delightful film. The found footage storytelling technique works to great effect here, and I love the acting in this film. Glenn Tosterud's portrayal of Thomas, who goes from incredulous to euphoric as he understands the nature of troll hunting, is really good. The wide-eyed smirk is erased when he first encounters that Ringlefinch in the woods!

Otto Jesperson's portrayal of Hans the hunter is awesome as well. He plays it with such dogged determination and weariness that you have to admire his concentration. The dude never even cracks a smile the whole time! He brings some focused intensity to the piece, and pulls it off with style...

The story breathes life into details from the fairy tales. The trolls do smell the blood of Christian men. They do hang out beneath bridges, and the woodland trolls have a serious territory beef with the mountain trolls.

The film is packed with suspense. That jotnar above is no joke, and I loved the shots of their truck weaving in and out of his huge steps.

This was a joy to watch ('A' film). I told my wife what I'd picked out and she laughed at me. Ten minutes in, she was quietly engrossed in the film.

Score one for DP, and for director Andre Ovredal!

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