A Few Observations and Updates...

I've read my Kindle pretty hard since I received it last summer, but I've still tried to maintain my frequent trips to the library. I just finished 11/22/63, and it's about the size you'd expect from Stephen King. It's a mammoth and, after reading on the tablet, I forgot what it was like to tackle a book of that size. It wasn't unpleasant, but I do prefer the Kindle reading experience on the whole.

While I was browsing at the library, I noticed many more titles from independent authors and small presses. At the new arrivals section, there are probably 500 titles, and I counted nineteen of the SP/indie variety before I gave it up. Pretty interesting how the dynamics of book culture are changing; it was nice to see a little more diversity on the shelves. 

Also, I'm currently reading Rob Swartwood's novella The Man on the Bench, and then I'll be reading Stewart O'Nan's The Odds. That's right, my next two books are novellas. I think that's one of the great benefits of digital publishing, as that 15,000-20,000-word sweetspot is just a natural fit for some stories. Perhaps the novella truly is making a comeback.

In another interesting piece of news, 74% of book buyers have never purchased an eBook. That figure boggles the mind (at least for me it does), because it shows the huge growth potential for the digital marketplace. I think there are millions of readers that are like me--they enjoy reading on the tablet, but they also still purchase and borrow traditional books. There's plenty of room for both, and that's a great thing for both readers and authors.

I'm back at the college on a limited basis in about a month. Before then, I want to put in this year's garden and renovate the front yard (in addition to having a bunch more Daddy/Daughter Days!).

From a writing perspective, I'm hoping to have a novel for my agent before the end of the month, and I'll be releasing a digital novella before May. My second collection of short stories, The Silver Coast and Other Stories, will be available in the early summer. I have a campfire tale that will soon be released in a middle-grade anthology from CoolWell Press, and I've got four other short stories under contract for publication in 2012.

Busy, busy...and hopefully there will be some other good news to share in the coming months!

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