Is Winter Over in Northeast Florida?

I played golf yesterday after work and had a really nice time on the course. With the time change, we kept the light until 7:30 p.m. and I had the place to myself for the last ninety minutes. They'd just mowed the course and it was about eighty degrees--just about my favorite time of the day, when the shadows get long and the sky turns pink and orange.

Today, I took my jog out at the beach. There had to be 10,000 people between Bay Street and the pier. There were hundreds of surfers bobbing around out there on the waves, red-faced kids and their heart-surgery-scarred grandparents, girls with orange skin that smelled like coconuts, tattooed Kevin-Federline-looking guys sipping cold drinks out of solo cups, fisherman and kite fliers and even one punk-ass, middle-aged jogger in a yellow Oregon Ducks tee-shirt weaving through all of it while listening to golf commentary on the ol' headphones.

It was hot, and it was nice. We'll be back up to ninety before too long.

I'm no Matt Zaffino, but I did take meteorology at Linfield College and, given the irrefutable facts of what I saw on the beach today, I'm confident in stating that winter is officially done up here in Duval County. 

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