Peyton in Jacksonville

With the news that the Colts are parting ways with Peyton Manning, I wonder if Peyton might think about coming down to dirty Duval to play with the big cats? How about this, Gene Smith?

  • We don't know what the cap will be yet, but let's say the Jaguars have $46 million to spend. Bring Peyton to town on an incentive-laden four-year deal. Let's say he counts for $18 million against the cap. You sign Robert Meachem to stretch the field ($4 million) and you re-sign Jeremy Mincey, Dwight Lowery, Matt Roth and bring Rashean back. You focus on making Robiskie the player we thought he'd be two years ago and he can settle down in the patterns and go across the middle. You put Mike Thomas back in the slot and mix Dillard in for twelve snaps a game. Rashad Jennings will be back to spell Maurice Jones-Drew, and Marcedes can't be as bad as he was last year. 
  • Draft the best available player with the seventh pick. Don't draft for position need--just take the best available player! We've missed on too many first-round choices, and we need dynamic players. You can look at the last three years and count dozens of players taken after Monroe, Tyson and Blaine. Don't take Quinton Coples, though. Dude has baggage, and we can't miss on another one of these picks. Hopefully, Justin Blackmon is still there.
  • Give Blaine a chance. Doing this would preserve the Jags' investment in Blaine by allowing him the time to mature behind Manning. Worked for Aaron Rodgers, it can work for Blaine. In three years, Blaine will be twenty-five. Twenty-five! He could play for the Jags for another dozen years after Peyton hangs them up for good.
Come on, Mr. Kahn! Now is the time. You take the league's best running back, one of the best defenses, a great kicking game and add a hall-of-fame quarterback and this team is loaded for a serious run. 

Let's do it, Jags! Come on down, Peyton. We have some long days and pleasant nights down here in Big Cat City!


Dustin Morris said...

Have you ever considered applying for a position on the Jaguars staff as an adviser of sorts?

Daniel W. Powell said...

Hey Dustin,

I actually think Gene Smith hasn't done such a terrible job. If his first-round picks had fared better, he would be fine. He needs to do a better job getting impact guys on the roster via the draft, but he signs good free agents (nice value for their production)...

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