Somebody Finally Did It...

An adult slapped an unruly ten-year-old kid that was chatting through a film and throwing popcorn at other patrons. 


Like Shawn Levy, I agree that whacking a kid is a bit too much. Still, that little punk needed to go home, and I certainly understand the slapper's angst. 

I recently tried to attend an 11:45 showing of The Cabin in the Woods. I chose that time specifically to eliminate the "talks-to-the-screen" crowd, which is typically made up of younger folks whose smart phones light up two dozen times an hour.

I figured that, because it was a school day (and the middle of the day, to boot!) the theater would be filled with adults.

Not so. There was a line of high schoolers stretching out to the parking lot. Seriously, how do these kids skip so much school? It's no wonder only one in two kids earn a traditional high school diploma in our city...

I'm fine with shaming idiots that can't behave in the theater. I'll buzz the tower with a piece of candy, or simply tell the offender to shut up. Folks don't like to be called out, but it's on them for inviting such ridicule.  

There is a system of etiquette in attending a film. Sure, you may have paid for your ticket like everyone else, but that doesn't give you the right to be a distraction for those around you.

Stop talking to the movie.

Stop talking on your cell phone.

Stop bringing your misbehaving children to films that aren't age-appropriate.

Stop being a jackass.

Sit still and shut your mouth and enjoy the film like the rest of the people that paid to listen to the audio without your hilarious wit augmenting the soundtrack...  

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