How Many Times Will Johnny Miller Reference Himself?

No sportscaster enjoys talking about himself as much as Johnny Miller so, as much as I was excited to watch the U.S. Open this Father's Day weekend, I was also a little discouraged. I don't like Johnny talking about Johnny so much, nor do I like his arbitrary percentages (I think Tiger has about a 33% chance of making this one.), nor do I care for his unwarranted digs. He thinks he's edgy, but it's so tiresome.

So I thought I'd give myself an over/under on how many times Miller would (unsolicited) talk about himself today. NBC only has two hours of coverage, and there are commercials. I figured six times would be the bar. I figured nobody could talk about himself more than three times an hour, right? 

So I thought I'd see the under. Sure enough, coverage started and Johnny talked about how special it was to him to call it (3:03), and then he compared himself, Jack and Tom to the big threesome today (3:09). At 3:23, sycophant Dan Hicks asked him about himself, and then he referenced his junior golf. It's not even 3:30 yet!

Holy cow, Johnny, we know who you are! You're a golf announcer. Sure, you won a bunch of tournaments, but you were unimpressive in major championship golf. You talk about it, you don't play it. 

Cover the golf, don't talk about yourself. Sheesh...

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