The Walking Dead

I've enjoyed the third season of The Walking  Dead more than either of its forbears. The pacing has been good, the conflict has been intense (wow..."The Killer Within" was one of the toughest single episodes of television that I've ever looked at), and the focus on the living--on Rick's continued transformation and the developments in Woodbury--have all been excellent.

The inevitable mid-season break comes at an interesting time. A new group of survivors has appeared in the prison. This is good, as the core group from Season 1 has been thinned considerably and the show needs an infusion of new characters. 

Rick remains an interesting case study in character--complex and hard to read. I can't understand how he refuses to embraces Carl. I mean, he leaves last week for Woodbury, knowing full well he might not come back, and the best he can give his son is a few words about looking after the others? I know he's trying to do right by his boy by hardening him to the world, but sheesh...he's still your family, Rick! Give him a hug, for heaven's sake!

While I haven't always enjoyed the casting choices on the show, I love the dynamic playing out in Woodbury between Daryl and Merle and The Governor. It's going to be a long wait until February, but it's likely going to be well worth it. This show is trending up...

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