The Amazing Spider-Man

Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) was a refreshing addition to the filmic superhero genre. Andrew Garfield was really good as Peter Parker/Spidey. I had kind of forgotten how much I disliked Tobey Maguire's simpering, stumbling turn in the Raimi films. The story here flows well, Garfield and Emma Stone's Gwen Stacey have  a nice chemistry, and this version of Spider-Man has some stones. I loved the scene on the rooftop when he gave Gwen a web and dipped in for a kiss. None of that beating around the bush stuff here.

Rhys Ifans was good as The Lizard. The special effects were solid, the score complementary. I really enjoyed the scene of the crane workers setting up a path for Spidey to get across town. Awesome stuff to see the man in action, swinging low over the city.

To be honest, I'd love to see this version of Spidey do battle with the version in the Raimi films. I think I can predict who would win, but it'd be some awesome eye candy to see those fellows zinging around the skyscrapers.

Re-imaginings can be tricky--both on careers and on franchises (Brandon Routh and Star Wars, anyone)--but this film was fun and smart from start to finish. For an advance look at another film that is seeking to breathe some new life into a treasured standard, take a look at this trailer (WARNING: THIS IS A HEAVY TRAILER--NOT FOR KIDS!):

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