Evil Dead 2013

Just watched Evil Dead and came away thinking it was really an unorthodox way to beat drug addiction, but it probably has a high success rate. Survive that night and heroin is the least of your problems.

Also, Eric, what were you thinking? What part of "Don't read it, don't write it, don't think it" is hard for you to figure out? Seriously people, when you visit the creepy cabin in the woods, don't touch anything! It's like we tell our daughter when we hit the antique shops in Amelia Island: keep your hands to yourself, sweetheart.

I liked the film ('A') overall. Really nice opening sequence that will remind you of Kubrick's The Shining. The visuals were great, and there were some genuine jump-in-your-seat moments. I thought the prologue was heart-breaking, and that's the goal of a film on demonic possession: the corruption of innocence is the most shocking of sins.

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