I Love My Ducks!

So there is a ton of "news" that is really just a formal re-hashing of allegations against the Oregon Ducks for football recruiting violations that took place between 2009 and 2011. This investigation has been dragging on for so many months and years now that it's just become tedious. 

It's pretty clear that Oregon shouldn't have been dealing with Lyles (or any of this new crop of parasitic "talent scouting" services that have surfaced in recent years), and I'm hopeful that we can get this hearing done soon, take any lumps coming to us, and move forward. Having a program with integrity is important to me. As great as these winning seasons have been, I'm not too interested in becoming the next multi-sanctioned football factory. I want good athletes to play at Oregon because they want to be a part of a winning program and because they want to attend a great university.

I say this because I've been with the Ducks since the 1980s. I was following the team, and all Oregon athletics programs, when we were euphoric to hit the .500 mark. I was there when they weren't very good, and I've been there through our rise to national prominence, and I'll be there when these sanctions hit, and I'll be there, come what may, when we come out on the other side.

Why? Because I love my Ducks. Always have, always will. 

I can't wait to talk football. Let's get the penalties on the table now and move forward with this tremendous group of young athletes.

Because this is our time... 

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